Double Magazine / Single Handcuff Combo Carrier

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Our Double Magazine / Single Handcuff Combo Carrier carriers two (2) magazines in our Dual Magazine Carrier and a pair of handcuffs in the front in our Single Handcuff Carrier. 

Single Handcuff Carrier is designed to hold one (1) pair of handcuffs. 

The open bottom option is only available on chain handcuff carriers and is designed to hold chain handcuffs with extended chains (mods) or identification chits. 

Note: The Peerless 700 and S&W 100 carrier is the same, and the handcuffs are interchangeable within the same carrier. 

The Dual Magazine Carrier (DMC) utilizes the Magazine Retention Device (MRD) allowing for a universal fit broken into three (3) carriers: 

                         - Doublestack 9/40 
                         - Doublestack 10/45
                         - Singlestack 9/40/45

If you are running a Glock 43, Glock 44 or Sig P365(XL) please select the Doublestack 9/40 option. 

The DMC is ambidextrous and can be carried with rounds forward or to the rear.  

The MRD is an independent piece of hardware that is installed in the magazine carrier.  The MRD has a floating arm that is regulated with a screw. To adjust retention, simply tighten or loosen the screw using the included allen wrench. 

**Note: We strongly recommend using this carrier in conjunction with a sturdy belt due to the significant concentration of weight.**