Why Become A Dealer?

Ping Pong Tactical realizes the critical role its dealers play in getting quality, handcrafted gear into the hands of responsible gun owners. Due to this, we consider our dealers family and treat them as such. As a Ping Pong Tactical dealer, you receive the following: 

- Dealer pricing 

- Discounted costs for you and your employees 

- Customized displays, literature, and signage for your storefront to aid in explaining and demonstrating the product 

- A customized product line tailored to your store and local market 

- Total support through one of our team members to answer any questions, assist in ordering, and help in any way possible 

We recognize that each dealer has a unique customer base, and a product line that works in our home state of Washington may not sell across the county.  It is because of this that our team will work with you to learn what your customers needs are, from holster styles, to make and models of firearms that they're buying them for. 

Ultimately, we understand that you're in business to make money, and we want to bring value to you, your business and your employees. 

Dealer Requirements:

Meeting the requirements to become a dealer is easy, and painless.  We kindly ask that all dealers meet the following: 

- Be a retailer (eCommerce or brick and mortar) related to the firearm, tactical, or sport shooting industry 

- Maintain a minimum order of 10 items per quarter (one order every 3 months)

- Comply with minimum and maximum pricing tiers 

- Have a passion for firearms, the Second Amendment and responsible gun ownership.

If you fit the above and are interested in working with us, please send us an email at and we'll be in touch!